TAKAYAMA Instrument, Inc.
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Introducing the Kamiyama & SuperBypass instruments


Kamiyama and SuperBypass microsurgical instruments were developed by neurosurgeons to address the demands of your critical surgical procedures. The ergonomics of their design will perform beyond your expectations.

Kamiyma and SuperBypass instruments are manufactured by TAKAYAMA Instrument,  Inc. in Japan. TAKAYAMA Quality assures satisfaction in material durability and precision. With over 100 years of experience in metal processing technology, TAKAYAMA merges the latest advancements in CNC machine shop technology with hand-honed craftsmanship in every instrument they produce.


Features that surpass your expectations


Witness the excellence of TAKAYAMA instruments

High flow bypass on ECA-RAG-M2 by Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa, Department of Neurosurgery, Stroke Center, Teishinkai Hospital, Sapporo, JAPAN.
Sylvian dissection by Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa.