TAKAYAMA Instrument, Inc.
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Over a century of producing Quality surgical instruments

TAKAYAMA Instrument, Inc. was founded in 1905 in Tokyo, Japan. For over 100 years TAKAYAMA has produced the highest quality surgical instruments.



Historical Significance


The Japanese Samurai sword is world famous for the strength, cutting ability and quality of it's blade. At the end of the 18th century, Shogun Tokugawa assembled some of his master craftsmen and focused them on making surgical instruments. Experience handed down from craftsman to craftsman, TAKAYAMA is the surviving entity from those ancient artists in metal fabricating. Today, TAKAYAMA is the only company that can provide a superb concave side-face sharpening and making cutting edge similar to those swords that were integral to Japan's development as a world leader. TAKAYAMA is honored to preserve the quality first produced by the ancient craftsmen.






There are many manufacturers of forceps and scissors. Hence there are many levels of quality, ergonomics, and utility. Some TAKAYAMA Instruments are unique in appearance but once used, the experience exceeds expectations.



"Hand Made"



TAKAYAMA maintains ISO9001, ISO13485 as a global manufacturer but also as an OEM supplier for major medical manufacturers. 


Quality Control


From in house design, material production, rough processing, refining, cutting, filing, annealing, sharpening and assembly, TAKAYAMA quality control inspects at every level. 


Advanced Machine


Utilizing the most advanced machine tools from Japan, the US, Switzerland and Germany combined with complimentary hand craftsmanship, superior products are guaranteed even on mass production.