Microscissors [Muramasa], Straight

Microscissors [Muramasa], Straight


160mm / PIN: K-1030

180mm / PIN: K-1030-18

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The Kamiyama "Muramasa" 1) scissors provides the user with the ultimate in fine cutting ability. With the spring tension precisely tuned by Dr. Hiroyasu Kamiyama 2), the user perceives the scissors as an extension of their own hand. The Kamiyama "Muramasa" scissors will exceed your expectations.

1) MURAMASA: In the tradition of the legendary "Muramasa" Japanese sword renowned for it's unmatched sharpness in 15th century.
2) Dr. Hiroyasu Kamiyama: Dapartment of Neurosurgery, Stroke Center Teishinkai Hospital, Sapporo, Japan